The week after the festival. Bad timing, because the volume is going down, but the intensity is going up. It's the first week of 5x5 system for the heavy lifts... and I am weak af because of a weekend full of party. Nevertheless, I could finish the pull-ups 5x5 with a new little PR of 47,5kg and did the dips with 80kg. I just finished 3 sets of dips cause I had a little pain in my elbow, but I think I could have finished all 5 sets on regular basis. I also included some short "lever" session because at this weekend I would have had a battle on the world fitness day. During the shooting for viafortis I had some nice skill training as well as on Friday on the world fitness day, which. Sadly the flu I had from the festival made it impossible for me to train on Sunday and probably as well the upcoming week. I really need to get rid of it... so only possibility is a break. I hate it.

To see the training and impressions of the foto shooting just watch the video: