To get the most out of your training, it is super important to be aware of all factors that can have an impact on your performance. The positive but also the negative ones. In this article I will sum up the most important factors for you, so you can check if you can optimize in that area.

Factor 1: Sleep

Sleep is power. Everyone who went to the gym after a short night can relate to this. This is not only experience but also science-based. The more sleep, the better your performance is physically as well as mentally. So my tip: try to organize your life in a way that makes it possible for you to sleep at least 8h on average per night. This will not only improve your performance but also helps to prevent illnesses.


Break times during your workout can have a huge impact on your performance. The higher your training intensities gets, the longer breaks you need to complete the next set. Break times up to 10min can be necessary the closer you get to move your 1 rep max. Break times are also super individual, some need less, some more. But in general, you can say more is more. The longer your break is the stronger you are in the next set. (assuming you stay warm) The stronger you are in the next set, the higher is your workload. The higher the workload is the stronger and bigger you will get. In the end, the real break times need to be a trade-off between workout time and private/work life. Not everyone can spend 3h in the gym. If you have less time, you can't optimize here too much. But ones you have more time available, try to increase your break times and see if it can positively influence your performance!


To make constant progress it is important to be able to train constantly. To do so, you need to stay injury-free. The best way to stay injury-free is to work with the best technique that is possible for you and a high amount of concentration for each set & each rep. If you don't know rather your technique is solid, search for advice or check the exercise library for more input.


Warm up is super important to prevent injuries and to be powerful.

Again, it is necessary to adapt the warm up to your individual needs. I would like to give you some general information about this topic. There are 2 types of Warm Ups that I think should not be missed in any training. 

1. General Warm Up / CNS Activation

- Easy running, rowing, crosstrainer etc.

- Warming up the shoulder girdle

- Mobility flows if you need to open up some joints for specific exercises

2. Exercise specific warm up 

- Gradually approach the work weight of the exercise 

- Warm up with lighter regression levels 

- Machine-guided light warm-up 

- Pre-activation of the targeted muscle with specific exercises


A more detailed view on this topic will follow soon with an own article. Summary: too less volume can result in no progress. Too much volume can result in too much fatigue and also no progress. So everyone needs to find his volume. If you are using a KOW Program you have a nice benchmark afterward. If the volume was too high/low or perfect. With that knowledge, you can adjust your training.


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