Training Motivation

How can I motivate myself for the training? 

A stressful day comes to an end, and you wish nothing more than to go home and lie on the couch. But you have made up your mind to go into training because you haven't "made it" the last two days. You fight against your guilty conscience. In the end, the tiredness outweighs, and you "postpone" the sports unit to tomorrow. Who does not know such days? It's completely normal, you think?! 

Imagine you had managed to overcome your inner bastard and hadn't gone home but to training. I bet you'll feel a lot better on the couch afterward. You don't have a guilty conscience, and you were able to relieve the stress and feel good! The question is, where do I get the motivation to pull myself together every time to go into sports? 

Ask yourself the question, what was the reason you started with calisthenics? Maybe you didn't feel comfortable in your skin anymore? Wanted to look better? Do you have health problems that you could get under control with continuous training? Are you eager to learn a specific skill?No matter what the reason, something made you want to start with calisthenics. That means you have a goal that you want to achieve. You should write down precisely that goal. Now pick up a piece of paper and a pencil and write down your goals! Keep it in mind on days when you don't feel like training and ask yourself the question: Have I already done something today to get one step closer to my goal? You will go into training, and you will break away! 

The slogan "No Excuses" is familiar to everyone these days, but very few people think about it. What are excuses? Excuses are only there to justify oneself before one's actions. An outsider has no interest in why you couldn't go to practice today. Either you train for yourself, or you don't train at all, but then you shouldn't whine about it. Nobody cares about your excuses, aches, or excuses. At the end of the day, you are the person who wins or loses! For me, calisthenics is a sport with an incredibly cool community. When I don't feel like training, I don't think about training, but about all the boys and girls I'm going to meet in the park. People with the same passion as I have them. Every training session creates an indefinable vibe and a dynamic that motivates you so much that you can't help but train! That is just awesome! 

How do you motivate yourself day by day to go into training?

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