Coaching Competence Course
The Coaching Competence Course should be a must for everyone that wants to offer calisthenics coaching!
There is no better education on the topic of calisthenics available, and it is very thought out and perfectly structured.
By doing this course I gained a much deeper insight about all important topics and I can implement the learned knowledge in my own work!
Lukas Kraßnitzer
Calisthenics Coach
Coaching Competence Certification Program
Become a certified calisthenics & weighted calisthenics coach!
  • Weighted Calisthenics Courses
  • Advanced Calisthenics Courses
  • Strength Science Courses
  • Nutrition Courses
  • 3 Exams
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Certification Content
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Weighted Calisthenics
5 modules
Understand Weighted Calisthenics
  • Weighted Dips Course
  • Weighted Pull Up / Chin Up Course