Road To Weighted Calisthenics Program

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Road to weighted program - Another simple fitness program?

Hell no! This one is different. This program is designed and specified for calisthenics and street lifting athletes.

Does that make a difference?

Yes, it does. Every exercise, every set, every repetition focuses on 3 main goals.

1. Get you ready for weighted

  • this means the program makes you so strong, that bodyweight basic exercises won’t be enough afterward
2. Prepare your body for advanced skills
  • Planches, Front Levers, Handstand Push-ups. What do they have in common? You need good body control, a solid amount of the right strength and your joints and structures need to be ready for the stress the skill produces. Road To Weighted will prepare you for this and will teach you all the basics you need.

3. Building up muscles

  • Getting big depends on two major factors. The right training and the right nutrition. The first part is covered 100% by Road To Weighted. You will work in different rep ranges, different intensities, static exercises, dynamic exercise so your muscles have no other chance than to grow. To get your nutrition on point you will get an extra nutrition guide with useful tips & information about nutrition.


To make sure, you do every exercise right and you can easily track your progress I added you some awesome features that will support you during the program:

  • Webapp with video tutorials & explanations (See product pictures)
  • Strength tests every 3 weeks
  • Tracking fields to be aware of your progress

More information:

Split used:

The program is split up in the following workout days:

  • Day 1: Upper body pull, lower body push
  • Day 2: Upper body push, lower body pull
  • Day 3: Overhead strength, core strength, calves
  • Day 4: Upper body pull, lower body push
  • Day 5 Upper body push, lower body pull


To be able to start the program you need to be able to perform around 3 bodyweight pull-ups and 3 bodyweight dips. Further calisthenics or weight training experience is not required.


  • The program can be trained in two different variations. The first option is the calisthenics version. For the calisthenics version, you only need a pull-up bar, parallel bars, and gymnastic rings. 
  • The second version is a gym version, that means dumbbells, barbells, and machine exercises are included. To train this version you will need a well-equipped gym. It is also possible to switch between the versions depending on the location you are training.