Front Lever Program

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Do you want to learn one of the most impressive elements in calisthenics, the Front Lever?

Then this program is a must-have for you!

Learn step by step the important key points, techniques, and progressions of a Front Lever. The program contains 5 level guiding you from a total beginner to Front Lever pro with different workouts & exercises. Integrate the given Front Lever workouts in your training and see how you start to resist the laws of gravity!

The front lever training program ebook consists of:

  • Detailed key points & technique analysis of the skill
  • 5 workout levels from total beginner to advanced
  • 2 workouts per level
  • Skill progression, compound exercises & skill conditioning
  • Videos for every exercise
  • Personal support

Level 1: Scapula Pull Up

Level 2: Tucked Front Lever

Level 3: Advanced Tucked Front Lever

Level 4: Straddle Front Lever

Level 5: Full Front Lever