Frequently Asked Questions

Do you also train with injured clients?

Am I experienced or strong enough?

How often do I need to train? 

How long does a workout last?

What equipment do I need?

What is a Consulting Call?

The Consulting Call gives us all the opportunity to find out if the service we offer is really the service you are looking for. So you get a first insight into our coaching and a first personal impression of us. The Consulting Call also serves as an introduction. We discuss the next steps and see if the expectations of both sides are met. 


How do I get into the coaching?

It's simple. First you book a consulting call, where we get to know each other and you learn more about our service. To be able to offer you a serious coaching, there will be a second non-binding Analysis Call. Here you will get to know your coach and together you will evaluate your current performance level. Together you will also discuss what your future coaching will look like. At the end of the analysis call you make your binding decision. 


In which language is the coaching?

We communicate in English and German.


How often do I have contact with my coach?

You will be in contact with your coach on a weekly basis. Besides the weekly personal feedbacks, you can send messages to your coach via the messenger function of the coaching app. This is very useful to clarify minor concerns and questions. Furthermore, you will regularly get the opportunity to participate in live seminars, masterminds or other live calls with our coaches.