Do you still don't know your 1RM?

⁠If you are into strength training, you already heard of the term 1RM. This stands for one repetition maximum, so the maximal additional weight you can move for one rep. As you can and should not test your 1RM very frequently due to the high risk of injury and the high fatigue it provides, there are formulas you can use to calculate this value from working sets with higher reps. This so called e1RM (estimated) is a great tool to measure your progress without testing the real 1RM. Just use your latest, strongest working set and enter it into the calculator.

How to use the One Rep Max Calculator

Enter your strongest set and press 'CALCULATE ORM'. Rep range of the set needs to be between 1-6 for useful estimations.

For lifts where the bodyweight should be considered like muscle-ups, dips, and pull-ups, put in your body weight. For barbell lifts, just enter a 0. The calculator will produce three results with three different formulas. Choose the one that is the closest to your real 1RM from your experience.⁠⁠

Remember that each of these formulas just gives you an estimation based on the formulas by 'Eply', 'Brzycki' & 'Lander'.

Reps Weight (kg) Bodyweight (kg)
Eply Brzycki Lander

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RIR Table - Calculate your Reps In Reserve

If you want to work with autoregulation, you need to reverse engineer your working sets from the current/new e1RM value. To make this possible for you, we created the RIR Table.

How to use the RIR Table

Just enter your (e)1RM and your body weight (for lifts where it counts, otherwise 0). If you then click on calculate, you will get estimations based on % values, for which RM and which RIR you can use which working weight. So if you want to find out which weight you need to use for 5 reps with 2 reps in reserve, just search the fitting value from the table.⁠

RIR\Reps 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12