10.00 EUR

You are unsure about the correct execution of an exercise you are doing? You don't know if you have a clean form?

Don't worry anymore! We will correct your form and help you to improve! Calisthenics exercises are often very complicated and need a high amount of muscular coordination. This can lead to a lot of form mistakes. Form mistakes can lead to injuries. Avoid this in the first place with a professional form check!

What we need from you:

- 3 Videos of you performing the exercise (Front, side & back view) via wetransfer.com to micha@calisthenics-concepts.com

- A short description of your training for this movement (Sets, Reps, Weight, Hold times per week etc.) 

What you get from us:

- Detailed feedback on your form in pictures and text

- Recommendations for your training (sticking points, weak links etc.)

Please be aware that an answer to your request can take up to 72h. If you want feedback to more than one exercise you can book more than one form check at a time.