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Do you want to increase your 1 rep max in weighted calisthenics? Or do you want to prepare for a 1RM weighted calisthenics competition?

You want to achieve new personal records in

  • (Weighted) Muscle Ups
  • Weighted Pull Ups / Chin Ups
  • Weighted Dips
  • Weighted Backsquats

Then you should start the KING OF WEIGHTED - 1RM STRENGTH EDITION PROGRAM. The program is designed to maximize your strength in only 11 weeks.

What are the requirements? You need to be experienced in / able to do:

  • around 5 clean bodyweight muscle ups
  • weighted pull ups
  • weighted dips
  • backsquats

Which equipment is needed?

  • Weight belt (obviously)
  • Resistance bands (We use the bands for sticking point training in pull ups and dips)
  • gymnastic rings/TRX
  • Barbells, Dumbbells, Bench, Squat rack
  • Basic machines (leg extension, leg curl, cable tower... nothing fancy)

What else do you get?

You will get access to the brand new King Of Weighted Members Area for the whole program duration. The member's area will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to benefit the most. You will learn about nutrition, training, programming and the correct exercise execution. The content will be updated weekly with new knowledge articles about nutrition or training and new tutorial/exercise videos. 

What about the basic calisthenics skills?

The program gives you the opportunity to not only work on your 1RM in the main lifts but also to train/improve or maintain your calisthenics skills. Front levers are integrated as a vertical pulling component to strengthen your back, handstand push ups and its regressions are integrated to work on your overhead strength and boost your dip performance. Planche is integrated to strengthen your shoulders and biceps. Your skills will benefit from weighted and weighted will benefit from your skills. This is the difference if you train King Of Weighted style.

 Program Insights / Split / Workout days (see product pictures) 


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