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In the weighted dips webinar with Micha Schulz, you will learn everything about weighted dips you need to know to execute and even teach the weighted dip in an efficient and sustainable way. The weighted dip is not only a competition lift, it is also a great exercise to develop a strong pushing strength to supplement your calisthenics skill goals. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about the technique and how secure this exercise is to execute. After this webinar, all your questions and concerns will be gone. This webinar is suitable for every athlete and coach that currently trains or plans to train weighted dips and wants to take this exercise to a new level.

When: 25.02.2021, 18:00-20:00, GMT+1 German Time

Language: English

Where: The webinar will take place on zoom.us. Every customer gets an invite link before the webinar.


1. Functional Anatomy
1.1 Main Muscles / Joints
1.2 Assistance Muscles
2. Set up & equipment for best practice
3. Technical concepts & coaching cues for dips
3.1 Open chest dip (Pro & Cons)
3.1 Closed chest dip (Pro & Cons)
4. Common mistakes/form analysis
5. Exercise selection
5.1 Assistance Exercises
5.2 Dip variations for sticking point training
5.3 Prehab exercises
6. Sternum pain & rehab
7. Q&A

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