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Alois & Michael are running the KoW-Coaching together. They take care of your program, your exercise executions and answer all questions!
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Calisthenics, Weighted Calisthenics, Powerlifting, Rehab and Hypetrophy Training are our main fields of coaching. If your goals fit within these areas, we are the right addresse to help you!
Strength & Conditioning Coach
Alois is a certified specialist for Strength & Conditioning, a certified powerlifting instructor and a coach at King Of Weighted since 2021.
Michael Schulz
CEO & Coach
Michael founded King Of Weighted in 2017 and has been working as a professional coach since then. He is a 4x National Weighted Calisthenics Champion and recently published the first Weighted Calisthenics Book on the market.
ANna-Lena Schelz
Assistant Manager
Anna-Lena joined King Of Weighted in 2023. She is the current German National Weighted Calisthenics Champion in her weight class and takes care of the business administration and the product business.
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