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Forget the metal chain. Forget heavy, inflexible, and inconvenient belts. It's time to introduce the next generation. The King Of Weighted Belt.


    • Light & Soft Material (350g)
    • Metal rings covered by fabric
    • No more broken shirts and shorts
    • Ergonomic shape for best fit on hips
    • Flexible & light nylon chain adjustable in length
    • Three carabiners for safe training 


    • Length x Height x Width 95 x 10 x 0.6 cm
    • Length of the chain 105 x 2.5 cm (without carabiners)
    • Load Capacity 300+kg
    • Total Weight 350g

    The belt is designed from weighted, for weighted athletes. The metal rings are covered by fabric for more convenience and less risk of impinging your clothes. The belt is super light and almost doesn't need to be considered in your weighted sets. We got rid of the back pad that tends to impinge your skin on the back. The material is soft and not too hard and so sits better on the hips. The chain is made from nylon and adjustable in length. It is long enough to hang the plates low for dips and pull-ups but can also be adjusted to be super short for muscle-ups. Also, you won't get deaf anymore if you drop the chain accidentally. It can be used for 30mm and 50mm plates easily. The belt comes with three carabiners instead of two, so you can always close it easily.

    Level up your weighted calisthenics now.

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    The King Of Weighted Online Coaching Service is your number one address for constant, sustainable and long term progress. We are specialized in guiding you towards more weighted strength, more advanced calisthenics elements and heavier weights on the bar. We have already worked successfully with over 200 athletes. Be the next one. Level up your strength. Book your free consulting call to get to know the coaches and more details about the service and get your individual coaching offer!

    online coaching
    Do you want to get coached to maximize your performance? Schedule your free consulting call now for more information!

    Client Feedbacks

    Not convinced yet? Read our client's feedbacks. We even linked some IG-profiles for you so you can get the feedback on first hand from past and current clients if you want to. We are proud of our service and successful customers!

    Alfred Larsson


    "I used to think I didn't need a coach. I was wrong. Micha has taken my calisthenics and strength skills to a whole new level! Being highly knowledgeable, communicative and adaptable I can only but to strongly recommend hiring Micha as a coach."


    I’ve worked with many people in the industry and for many years my front lever never got past the most basic of tucks. After 3 months with Micha it now feels possible that in the future I will be able to hold a full lever. Micha is always fast to respond with clear and rational advice. He has been very accommodating with helping me work towards my goals with him while helping me keep past injuries at bay and not interrupting with my other training goals (handbalancing, mobility and floor work)
    Arthur Schlumpf


    „Getting coaching with Micha was one of the best choices I have made in my journey. I learned a lot from him ! Before, I thought I was doing my training correctly but I was completely wrong... Now, I know how to see my mistakes and my weaknesses correctly thanks to his weekly analysis. He really takes the time to analyze every move and gives his advice accordingly. With Micha, I learned to make training schedules according to my goals. He doesn't just give a program, he explains the why and how ! A result of his programming and that I gained muscle mass when that was not the primary goal. He does seminars once a week to learn more about a movement. They are really super informative ! In addition, he can be contacted at any time of the day and he answers the questions asked. Thanks to him, I simply become better in all areas. So just, thank you!


    Ich bin aufgrund von fehlendem Progress und Struktur ins Coaching gekommen. Ab dem ersten Gespräch hat Micha einen sehr professionellen Eindruck gemacht und diesen durch die folgenden Feedback Videos und online Seminare unter Beweis gestellt. Seit ich vor 3 Monaten zu Micha ins Coaching gekommen bin, hat der langersehnten Progress nicht lange auf sich warten lassen und ich konnte mich nach den ersten Trainingsblöcken bereits technisch verbessern und meine Kraft Potential erhöhen. Alles in allem bin ich mehr als froh mit dem Coaching begonnen zu haben und freue mich schon auf die nächsten Monate!
    Christian Zoeller

    Coaching Client

    First, I started Calisthenics on myself with Youtube and some examples of plans. To reach a basic level it is okay… but to get in contact with Micha was the best choice. The weekly feedbacks, answers on questions during the week and the solutions are always to the fullest satisfaction. Isn´t there a solution for now, he’ll looking for some. It’s fun to work with him and his knowledge is on point. He is an expert in that area. Thank you for this and your time.

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