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We show athletes, personal trainers or online coaches, how they can take themselves or their clients to the next performance level systematically and injury-free with only little planning effort.

✔️ learn the correct technique from the first day on

✔️ understand the scientific background of the exercise execution

✔️ get the right approach that brings you closer to your individual goals every day

✔️ learn how to set up programs for yourself and your clients

✔️ save time, be faster and outperform your competitors

The situation:

Like most athletes, you're training with incorrect technique for multiple goals at the same time, not knowing if you're training too much or too little and if you're periodizing correctly.

Why it's a problem:

You waste your valuable time, learn the wrong technique and significantly increase the risk of injury. In addition, you will not improve your performance and you will never reach your goals.

The solution:

You urgently need to internalize the right technique and align your program individually to you and your goals. In our coaching, we teach you exactly what you need for successful performance improvement to finally achieve all your athletic goals.

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3. Free Analysis Call
If your application is successful, one of our experts will hold a 30-minute strategy meeting with you in which all the facts will be put on the table. Together, we look at what your current athletic challenges are and already start to develop a concept that will enable you to overcome your plateau extremely fast.

4. Starting the progress
Together we develop a target / actual comparison and an implementation strategy for the future.
We will discuss your individual training plan, milestones and focus blocks that we will work with to achieve your goals. You start to train with clean technique and efficiently, understand how to periodize independently and set up proper training programs for yourself or your clients.

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All our clients benefit from our exclusive coaching approach

Marcel Haselwanter 
+30kg Competition Total
after 7 months coaching
IG: @marcelhaselwanter

David Wollschläger 
+50kg Competition Total
after 8 months coaching
IG: @dave_goes_beastmode

Volker Wintsche 
Adv. tucked to full FL-Pull-Up
after 6 months coaching
IG: @voll.cali

+94kg Competition Total
after 9 months coaching
IG: @alfredmoves

Maximilian Herzfeldt 
Body recomposition to better
and leaner physique 
after 7 months coaching
IG: @maximilian_herzfeldt

Oliver Lehmann
Massive mobility, posture and
calisthenics performance improvements
after 4 months coaching
IG: @bulletproof_olli

I’ve worked with many people in the industry and for many years my front lever never got past the most basic of tucks. After 3 months with Micha it now feels possible that in the future I will be able to hold a full lever. Micha is always fast to respond with clear and rational advice. He has been very accommodating with helping me work towards my goals with him while helping me keep past injuries at bay and not interrupting with my other training goals (handbalancing, mobility and floor work)

Harry Williams @harryowilliams_

Getting coaching with Micha was one of the best choices I have made in my journey. I learned a lot from him ! Before, I thought I was doing my training correctly but I was completely wrong... Now, I know how to see my mistakes and my weaknesses correctly thanks to his weekly analysis. He really takes the time to analyze every move and gives his advice accordingly. With Micha, I learned to make training schedules according to my goals. He doesn't just give a program, he explains the why and how ! A result of his programming and that I gained muscle mass when that was not the primary goal. He does seminars once a week to learn more about a movement. They are really super informative ! In addition, he can be contacted at any time of the day and he answers the questions asked. Thanks to him, I simply become better in all areas.  So just, thank you!

Arthur Schlumpf @arthurschlumpf

I came to coaching due to lack of progress and structure. From the first conversation Micha made a very professional impression and proved it through the following feedback videos and online seminars. Since I came to Micha for coaching 3 months ago, the long-awaited progress was not long in coming and I was able to improve technically after the first training blocks and increase my strength potential. All in all, I am more than happy to have started coaching and am already looking forward to the next months!

Fabio Fillippini @fabio.anqelo

First, I started Calisthenics on myself with Youtube and some examples of plans. To reach a basic level it is okay… but to get in contact with Micha was the best choice. The weekly feedbacks, answers on questions during the week and the solutions are always to the fullest satisfaction. Isn´t there a solution for now, he’ll looking for some. It’s fun to work with him and his knowledge is on point. He is an expert in that area. Thank you for this and your time.


I used to think I didn't need a coach. I was wrong. Micha has taken my calisthenics and strength skills to a whole new level! Being highly knowledgeable, communicative and adaptable I can only but to strongly recommend hiring Micha as a coach.

Alfred @alfredmoves

Michael Schulz & Alois Untergassmair

You don't just book a coach, you book a whole coaching team

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Get maximum strength and learn new skills with our exclusive coaching system

⭐️ Technique Analysis
Our coaches make sure you train with a good form. 
Minimize the risk of injury, progress sustainable and train efficiently with individual video analyses. 

⭐️ Workout Programing
Don't worry about your program, we'll take care of that for you. With our holistic programing approach the plan adapts to you and not you to the plan. 

⭐️ Health & Mobility
Your plans always include a client specific mobility concept to prevent or heal injuries. We create strong, mobile and flexible athletes.

⭐️ Knowledge Transfer & Certification
You get access to our exclusive seminar material and knowledge, grow physically and intellectually in our regular mastermind sessions.

⭐️ Easy & Convenient 
On our unique coaching platform communication, programing and tracking is centralized. You get access to your program and feedbacks with just one click in your coaching app.  

⭐️ Support Flatrate
You get a support flatrate to solve all your challenges right away. 

5 reasons why you should book your free call immediately

1. You don't sign a contract, you don't have to make a purchase decision, there is no cost involved, you get free added value and clarity that we are the right partner for you.

2. You are injured and want to get well first, before you make progress in coaching. Thinking error, you waste your time, we get you better and faster pain free, to then really take off. You don't request a debt consultant if you already got rid of your debt.

3. You think you are not advanced enough for coaching or can still make progress on your own at your current level. But it is the foundations that are crucial. Here you can avoid significant structural mistakes. Learn properly from the beginning before you find yourself in point 2.

4. You are not a unicorn. With more than 11 years of experience and more than 250 athletes coached, we have seen and solved all problems. What you see as your biggest problem is daily business for us. Already in the free consulting call we start with the problem solution.

5. You can continue to invest your valuable time in free incoherent tutorials from the internet, but you will still not find the right approach that suits you best. Book your call, we have it for you.

Your benefits

✔️ Minimize the risk of injuries that keep you out of sports for months

✔️ Outstanding learning experience with our knowledge transfer, live calls, online courses and certification program

✔️ Time saving due to incredibly simple and fast handling of the coaching app and working efficiently towards your goals straight from the beginning

✔️ Access to our templates, tools, guides and analyses no matter where you are and when you want

✔️ Weekly updated workout programs tailored to your individual needs

✔️ Work with specialists on the most suitable strategy for you

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