With a modern and scientific approach to movement correction, training planning and load management, the King Of Weighted Coaching is your address for sustainable performance gains!
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My name is Michael Schulz. I AM a Weighted Calisthenics Coach, 4x National champion and book Author.
Together with my trainer team I will help you to learn awesome calisthenics skills like muscle ups, planches and front levers while leveling up your weighted calisthenics basics!
Movement Corrections
With our deep understanding of human anatomy and movement we help you to correct your exercise technique to train and stay pain-free. Sustainable movement patterns are the best available prehab.
Exercise selection
Each lifter has different needs. With our highly individual approach, we create programs based on your movement strategies, your equipment, your age, weight and many more relevant factors.
Load management
By progressively planning load increments with an autoregulative approach we help our athletes to achieve their goals without plateaus. We are using synergies to not need to work on 10 goals at the same time.
Mastering your craft takes time. Technique adjustments and new movement patterns take time to develope. With repetitive and weekly feedback we will support you during every step!
Our client success stories will show you the diversity of our service. We provide each athlete with a customized solution to her/his needs.
After becoming the German National Champion in her weight class Haruna managed to place second in the World Championship. We prepared her for both competitions and couldn't be prouder!
Manu came to us to learn how to combine calisthenics skills training with weighted calisthenics. He stayed with us because he constantly got stronger, finally improved his mobility while still staying the front lever beast he is/was! He is now repping 100kg dips for reps, pulls over 80kg and squats almost 200kg!
Philipp almost gave up on strength sports. He fought several months with his shoulder impingement without improvements. The physiotherapy he received always just helped short term. The moment he started to train again, it got immediately worse. With our help he is now completely pain-free and even starts to hit some new PRs!
Jeff came to us because he wanted to progress. While being very enganged in his job, he needed a coaching team that made his life easier, not more complicated. With our help he improved his skills, his physique and overall well-being.
Planche WITH 49
Olli was and is a dedicated athlete. He was already strong once he entered our coaching. What Olli didn't have was a structure and knowledge on how to create a workout program and how to execute the movements correct. That led to ongoing small pains and injuries which stopped his full potential. With our help, he got 100% pain free, achieved a full front lever and even a straddle planche!
Form follows function
Lauren joined our coaching to become a stronger version of herself. She gained a serious amount of strength, outlifts most of the men in her gym and is more confident than ever with her body.
Get your personal Coaching offer based on your Individual needs in just 15 minutes.
No Commitment, no Contracts, Just an offer.
Our mission is to provide you with the best possible coaching service.
We provide you with fast and efficient solutions to your problems. We support you in every aspect during this journey.
We don't work with prewritten workout templates. Based on the clients requirements every program is designed individually. It doesn't matter if you have limited equipment or time, the program will be adjusted to your needs.
Only a healthy athlete, can become stronger on the long run. To rehab or prehab injuries, we work with customized exercise executions and individual mobility or rehab programs.
During our office times, we provide you with unlimited feedback via our personal chat. Next to the chat, you will have several weekly Zoom-Calls with your coaches for exercise feedback, workout motivation or general questions.
A coaching is never forever. To prepare you for the time after the coaching, we want to provide you all the relevant knowledge. With our certification program, we teach you with all the theoretical knowlegde you need to coach yourself.
FUll-time Professionals
We are a coaching company. We work as full time coaches. Coaching is not our hobby or side-hustle, it's our daily business and our profession.
office & personal gym
A professional coaching needs a professional environment. We work in our modern office with our own private gym to provide our clients with the best service, feedback and content.
theory & Practice
We don't only talk the talk, we walk the walk. All coaches and employees are also successful, competitive athletes themselves. We lead by example.
What else do we offer?
We support our holistic coaching concept with qualitative products. If there are already great products in one area that can be relevant for our customers, we try to negotiate discounts for our customers.
"You won't find the knowledge and expertise in this book elsewhere"
UNderstanding Calisthenics
Dive into the nuances of the Front Lever, the Planche, Handstand Push-Ups, Muscle-Ups, Weighted Dips, and Weighted Pull-Ups (chin-ups). This book goes beyond simple explanations. It reveals the biomechanical principles behind each element and gives you the ability to customize your training to your level and individual physical requirements. Whether you're an experienced athlete or a beginner, Understanding Calisthenics is a must-read for anyone who wants to not only perform Calisthenics but also truly understand the underlying principles. Reduce your risk of injury and increase your athletic performance with this innovative guide.